Jun 14, 2010

Livin On the EDGE

Actually, this post is probably more tame than you would think given the title. But I do live on the edge... The edge of Cutco Cutlery, finest in the world! I show Cutco, and I LOVE it! Many of you may remember that I was offered a job as an RV salesrep.
I couldn't do it.
Not only because I was on 100% commission (no, I didn't get 100% of the money off the sale), and I had very little to work with, and I was the ONLY young person (female too) on the whole lot, but because who the devil! wants to buy an RV??? I KNOW right?
So, now I work for Cutco. :) (insert enormous smiley face here) Selling ridiculously sharp, shiny, fantastic, strong, beautiful ka-nif-ees (knives phonetically). The best part is, I get paid just to do a demo! IIIII KNOW! That is the best part. :)
So yeah, I live on the edge!

Jun 4, 2010

Slippin and Flyin

Sometimes I find myself slippin.
I find my friends who live far away slippin through my hands and enjoyin simple things that I used to do with them. Which was fine when I was with them... but now?
I feel like my life is slippin out of control and spiralin... who knows where.
I feel my time slippin away.
I find myself slippin into obsession with minute details about inconsequential pieces of my life.
I find life movin on around me and slippin by. I sit on the bus of life and see people at stations that I would like to get off at, but I don't have the right ticket.
I find my self confidence slippin and pain and hurt slippin into my life.
I find my self wishing to slip into sleep, only to be disappointed as the beautiful dreams I once
had have slipped away, replaced by drab, frightening ones.

And it is in those moments that I realize how blessed I am that those things are slippin away. Cuz if they didn't, if those ropes didn't slip through my fingers, I would never have learned to fly.
If I held on fiercely to any of these ropes I wouldn't have the faith and push I need to fly.
If I held fiercely on to my friends in far away places I would miss the sparkling personalities here that need my example to fly too.

If I controlled every detail of my life, I wouldn't be where He needed me.

If I didn't learn to slow down and appreciate being
I couldn't see the profound peace that comes from it.

If I didn't focus on those details I would never have been able to appreciate the relief when I realized they just weren't that important.

If I didn't wish for the other stages of life I wouldn't have talked with others in those stages and looked back to realize I really like were I am. It's a time to grew and develop on my own.

If I hadn't lost my self confidence temporarily, I wouldn't have noticed others who needed to be built up more than I did. Sometimes losing self confidence isn't all bad.

If all I had was beautiful dreams, how could I appreciate them for the vibrancy and color, the details, and the happy contented feeling I wake up with?

Letting go of the rope that is slippin through your hands is sometimes the only way to fly.