Jan 29, 2011

Sometimes I Just Gotta....

Katherine asked me if I wanted to go to a concert last night. Sure, why not, I wasn't doing anything else. Little did either of us know the night would be filled with awkward amusement...
The concert was held in the Tanner Building with the choirs singing on the stairs. As you can see there were lots and lots of people.
So Katherine and I decided to take the elevator rather than force our way through the myriad of humans cluttering the stairs. I don't like elevators, I never really have, they make me sick. So, I got in and struck a pose, basically like I was guarding the elevator from people attempting to enter it. It kind of helped my elevator sickness, but to be honest, I just felt like being awkward.
We exited one floor below the entrance, noted that there were no seats and made our way back to the elevator. One girl entered it with us and was kind enough to allow me to leap onto the elevator and resume my pose until we reached the next floor.
Not much luck on this floor either, silly people who save seat they aren't even close too... But we made our way from the stairs to the open space and into the hall. I was feeling restless... Never a good sign.
After hearing that the boy Katherine was admiring was an organ major I attempted a tongue roll, (rrrrrr) but it came out rather pathetic so I did it again with a great deal of success. Then I was reenacting the first tongue roll, holding it out for a while. Long enough for one of the boys in front of me to turn slightly, make eye contact, and give me a "you-are-slightly-amusing-weirdo" smile. I promptly gave him my "you-caught-me-being-an-idiot" smile in return until he resumed facing forward. Katherine meanwhile was busting a gut beside me, not helping my image one bit. Whaddyado?
Then I saw this girl taking a picture of her friend and noticed the camera angle was really wide so I lept into the picture frame and made a grotesque face. The girl immediately started cracking up and she showed her friend the picture. When her friend turned around it was none other than our elevator buddy! They laughed for a very long time until Elevator Buddy came out and explained that she had told her friend to take a discrete picture of me because she liked my hair. Glad that worked out.
Shortly after this lovely incident a boy came and stood directly between me and the choir. How rude! Katherine suggested I cough very loudly. So I did, I was hoping it would be more natural sounding than it was... He didn't move. So I coughed again, again trying for the natural sound. Fail. He noticed this time and with a very concerned look on his face moved to the side. Katherine lost all composure. I lost it when I heard her laughing. The boy apologized and I just laughed even harder.
It was at this point in time we left the concert because we couldn't see. Well, that was one reason. Here is a picture of us on the way out. I couldn't for the life of me get her to smile naturally.

Jan 22, 2011

Personally... I'm impatient

So people are posting one of these a day for 30 days. But, I'm impatient... So I'll just give it to you all at once!
Day 1 - 5 Things about me no one knows:
1. I used to be a very insecure person with a very bold personality.
2. When I was a child I used to get a thrill from stealing candy from my family and not getting caught.
3. I am actually afraid of a good deal of things. I just never let anyone see.
4. I still wish vampires were real.
5. I face away from the shower head so I can see the door and make sure no one walks in on me.
Day 2 - A picture of you last year and now and how you have changed since then
Halloween last year After Christmas shopping
Hmmm, still have a flare for the theatrical.... Perhaps a little less dramatic though. My hair is no longer black. I have matured and expanded my view. Spending 9 months at home serving other people does that to you.
Day 3 - A favorite photo:
look at us awesome creepers
Day 4 - Something I crave: books, Salt & Vinegar Chips, friendship, excitement
Day 5 - Top 10 pet peeves:
1. condescension (I will mentally mock you)
2. telling me what to think
3. telling others what to think
4. that snorting noise when someone clears their nose (not nose blowing though)
5. someone else eating my food without my permision
6. people who slack off at work
7. treating me like a child
8. video games
9. talking more than the teacher
10. freaking out about small stuff
Day 6 - Something I bought recently: fruit loops, salt water taffy; clementines; fruit snacks
Day 7 - Something I want to buy:a brightly colored motorcycle
Day 8 - A favorite song: Any song my man sends me currently "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele
Day 9 - A favorite movie: Inception; Ever After
Day 10 - A favorite food: Beef Stroganoff
Day 11 - A favorite book: The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson
Day 12 - A favorite quote: Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.
Day 13 - What did you do today??: Went to the temple, auditioned for a play, homework
Day 14 - Your dream house...: A small yet elegant home. Red brick with wood trimming, a basement, a turret, and a floor to ceiling library for me to store my books. And a quaint garden out back. But really, any place with my family and my love.
Day 15 - Next 3 on “Bucket List”: wing suit diving, hunting, live 1yr or 6mo in Austraila, Ireland or Scottland.
Day 16 - A photo of my family:
Day 17 - A habit you wish you didn't have: eating while I read. It will most likely lead to an exponential gain in weight when my metabolism slows down. Granted it has already done so. Thank heavens for yoga and a HUGE campus.
Day 18 - Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up:
1.Make You Feel My Love - Adele
2. Nintey and Nine - Michael McLean
3. Don't forget my Unicorn - Irish Rovers
4. Stay Beautiful - Taylor Swift
5. Which Part is Mine - Michael McLean
6. The Saltwater Room - Owl City
7. Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert
8. Black & Gold - Sam Sparrow
9. Sunray Smile - Amber Van Vleet
10. Vincent - Josh Groban
Day 19 - A hobby of mine: trying new random things
Day 20 - A favorite recipe: cheesy chicken and potato with mushrooms
Day 21 - Nicknames I have, and why I have them...:
Bad T - I was an amazing badminton player once upon a time
Tigger - I have a tiggerish personality
Babybot - My older brother was Tigerbot
Teags - It sounds cool
Tegan the Vegan - it helps people remember my name
Tegelstien - Ask Ali on that one
Teggles - Not sure
Penguin - :)
Love - :)
Day 22 - A favorite Youtube video: Kids History (Don't punch... ... our car)
Day 23 - A travel story: On the way to Bullhead the ten people in my car agreed that it should become a party wagon with neon lights a disco ball and a bed and we could call it the shaggin wagon... I secretly vetoed that idea, except the neon lights and disco ball
Day 24 - Something that makes you feel better... : The words "I love you." spoken to me with absolute sincerity and feeling. Food, food is always a happy thing. The temple. My best friends, yes I have 2, so sue me.
Day 25 A funny (true) story: My life. :) I spent the first hour of the 2011 New Year in a car with broken doors that had to be held closed. I also broke the passenger side door handle, well, actually it didn't break, it s h a t t e r e d in my hands. And me, being me, laughed really hard because it was funny and I was nervous.
Day 26 - A child I love: I have to pick one? Kelly, Cody, Chase, and Rachel (all adorable children)
Day 27 - A place I love: BYU, the mountains
Day 28 - A person I love: brYan
Day 29 - Testimony: I know the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, Joseph Smith is a true prophet. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God on the earth today. My Heavenly Father loves me. Jesus Christ died for my sins.
Day 30 - Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days: Finish as much school as possible, maybe even graduate next April. Possibly buy a car. Hold my nephew in my arms. Meet my boyfriend's family. Finish at least one of the many stories I've started. Share the gospel as much as possible even though I am not going on a mission. Continue loving my favorite person and best friend.

Jan 18, 2011


I love avoiding homework, don't you? I've got about a million pages to read and write reports on, but here I am keeping you updated on my life.
  • I have my first boyfriend that I love. Yes, love, straight up in a non platonic, very romantic way. He is the most amazing fantastic perfect person ever. He is also far too good to me, and makes me the happiest person in the world. I love it. I love him.
  • I no longer have a facebook account.
  • I am anxiously awaiting the birth of my nephew. Granted it's four months away, but four months is no time at all.
  • I am back at BYU and absolutely loving, loving, loving all of my classes and the homework I have to do (even though I am avoiding it, I still love that I have it, it increases my learning)
  • I have a job as an appeals secretary in the Harold B. Lee Library and I enjoy it immensely.
  • I am living in an apartment two doors down from my old one.
  • I have three amazing new roommates who make me laugh more and more each time I am with them.
  • I am taking a country western dance class and wheezing for breath every time it's over.
  • I am giving a talk in church on Sunday.
  • I am eating a hollow chocolate Santa
  • I am no longer considering a mission. After long hours of contemplation and prayer I have realized that it simply isn't the right choice for me. And though I am slightly saddened I know I have made the right choice and I don't regret it.
There you are, my life up 'til now. I am so grateful to the Lord for the gospel because it makes me life exciting, ever changing, peaceful and very happy. I am also grateful for the people in my life, I would be nothing without you.

Jan 17, 2011

Best Weekend Ever

Why? Because I got to spend three glorious days with my favorite person. Ever. True story

Here he is. My boyfriend, and best friend. Thank you MLKJ, you allowed me a portion of time to see him.
My poor roommates had to put up with me being super excited (jumping up and down any time someone asked me or reminded me that he was coming) The whole week before he came. I hadn't seen him in over a month! I know, tragedy! So, of course I was way excited to find out he was coming.
I had asked him to meet me at work and told him when I got off. Ironically enough he sat down right in front of my work area and I just happened to come up the stairs and see him a mere 15 minutes before I got off. We were both very surprised and all I wanted to do was run and jump hug him. Luckily for my job I kept my composure.
15 minutes later I walk out of work and he vanished! I thought maybe I'd imagined it, so I searched for a few minutes then I called him. I got to run and jump hug him. That made me happy. We toured the school, went to dinner and mini indoor golfing with friends. And that was only the start of a fun filled sa-uuuuuu-per awesome weekend.

(I felt like being contrary)
He left today and I thought I would be sad, but I'm not. I'm really glad it happened and we got the chance to see each other again. "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
One more month til I get to see him again. Until then, I'll let Owl City state my sentiments.


Jan 5, 2011


I hold promises very seriously. At least my own. I hate when promises are broken and I have learned to take my promises as contracts of a sort. More than just words spoken to make someone feel better. Even the casually spoken promises have become more binding to me. I feel so... unclean... unworthy.. when I break the promises I make to others. Granted there are circumstances that prevent the promiser from fulfilling her promise. Life changes and the situations change, I am beginning to accept and understand this more fully.
I am more careful about the promises I make, I don't like to promise what I can't fulfill. Even if I really want to make a promise, if I know that there is a possibility I can't do it, I am very reluctant to give it. So if I don't promise something to you, even lightly, don't take it that I don't want to promise it. Take it that I don't know if I can follow through with it, given circumstances.