Sep 17, 2010

Momma Says

I got a new pair of jeans recently. Skinny jeans. I like them, my mother does not. She said they were tacky and that the general authorities have told us not to dress shabbily if we can avoid it.
Bing! Idea pops into my head and comes out on my jeans. What do you think? It was way more time consuming than I thought it would be. Took me about six movies to finish. I like them though.
The jeans with only six small holes

One hole up close.
I traced some flowers on an old pair of jeans

Then I had to stitch around the edges to keep them from fraying to badly
A different style of stitching.

The finished product. Ta-dah!

Sep 11, 2010


The motorcycle is a symbol of freedom, power, and living dangerously. Motorcycles are not as safe as "automobiles," they get into more accidents and have less protection than a car. They are more fuel efficient and have more accessibility than most cars. Police use motorbikes, so do gang members.
Why all these tidbits that you probably already know about bikes?
I want a motorcycle!
I've always been interested in motorcycles, thanks to my Uncle Dick who loves them, and old cars. They are beautiful and easy and powerful. I've always associated bikes with the freedom to go where you want when you want. They've been beautiful to me since I was a kid, and the helmets and leather jackets and chaps o so stylish!
One of these days, I will own a bike.
Orange or black?
So beautiful!

Sep 4, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

So many decisions.
My mom and I sat down and went over all the decisions I have available to me. After reviewing all of them, and discovering plenty more... I made a choice.
Come December 1st I will be submitting my papers for a mission.
Now, I just have to study like a missionary. My goal: read on lesson of Preach my Gospel every other day, not just read, study.

Sep 2, 2010

Table Talk

Monday night dinner. Who knew the entertainment it could provide?
Something to make this conversation more understandable. Our town has no Target, the closest Target is two hours away in Vegas.
"Can you pass the green beans?" Alec (my younger brother)
"I got these for you, they were on sale at Target." Me as I pass the green beans.
Dad, "When did you go to Target?"
Me, "..."
Me, mumbling "Most people just say thank you."
Mom, "Hahahaha!"

We have an older brother named Seth who is very straight faced and tight laced, but, he was not the topic of conversation between my mother, father, Kevin (another younger brother) and myself. Alec on the other hand...
"Hey, did you hear Ali's getting married?" Me.
"Yeah, and who is she getting married to?" My mother (trying to see if I know what she already knows).
"Seth (Last name left out)." Me. I'd like to note here that my mother smiled triumphantly because she already knew.
More conversation about how perfect Seth and Ali are for each other.
"Seth is such a hippie." Me.
"No he's not!" Alec, quite indignant I might add. And he would be right, our brother Seth is anything but a hippie. If only we were talking about Seth...

Dad, "He sits on the high counsel."
Kevin, "Okay."
Dad, "He gave a talk with his daughter that one week in church."
Me, "Wait, are we talking about the same person? Because the man who spoke with his daughter isn't sixty."
"What?" Dad.
"You said he is sixty on the high counsel. The man who spoke is not sixty!" Me.
"Yeah, but he is good looking." Mom.
"I said he sits on the high counsel." Dad.
"Oh." Me.
"I wasn't paying any attention to him." Kevin.
"Yeah, you were paying attention to his daughter." Dad. Kevin blushes.

Family night dinner. Isn't it about, misunderstandings you can laugh at?