Nov 23, 2011


I am obsessed with colors. I love them. I think they are awesome and I'm so glad we have them! Out of curiosity I did a google search on each color and quite liked what I see.
Red, first color of the rainbow, often associated with love, anger, health and blood. I found lots of roses, hearts and shoes.

Orange, guess what I found? Oranges, lots and lots of oranges mixed with a few other things.
 I'm not sure what orange is commonly used for, health perhaps? cheerfulness, optimism. It is a mix between the vivid enticing red and the happy bright yellow.

Yellow, the next color is bright, full of hope, the color of sunshine and bright yellow flowers.
Green, the color of vitality and life. Of renewal and beauty, nature is filled with it. And so is commercialism.
Blue is a calming color that puts those who view it at ease and in a state of calm. It is also a color found a great deal in nature.

Purple, the last color of the rainbow (I know technically violet is). I'm not quite sure what purple signifies, perhaps great peace. It is often associated with royalty.
Brown, earthy. Grounded, sensible steady, strong. Sadly, the most common pictures were brown recluses. They are pretty gross. But I did find a couple good pictures.
Black, solid, deep, dispairing, void, dark. Perhaps though it is not all bad, it can be very beautiful, photo are very enticing when the colors have all been taken out.

White, unassuming, peace, purity, simplicity, innocence.


Since it is Thanksgiving, I thought I would share something I am grateful for. I love color and could not imagine a world without it. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Nov 20, 2011

People keep asking me how marriage life is treating me, it drives me nutz! Especially because most of the people asking me are/have been married. I want to say, "You know! You've been there! Why are you asking me?" Marriage is frustrating, hard, stressful, annoying, angering and the best choice I ever made in my life. I couldn't be happier even though every often I want to scream or cry. I have never loved another person as much as I love my husband and every time I do scream or cry it only intensifies my love for him. It's actually interesting how that works, the more you go through for the ones you love, the more you love them.
But love is more than the feelings you get when he walks in the room, or he holds your hand or kisses you ever so gently, or passionately. It's a choice and a feeling that feed off each other, the more you choose to love, the more the feeling grows, and the more the feeling grows the more you choose to love. And if you ever stop choosing to love, the feeling grows less until you remember that love is hard work. It is support when you really would rather do your own thing. It is knowing that he and you both have flaws that just might drive one another absolutely crazy, but that you are loved in spite of the those. It is being there when he is going through a hard time, just being there and letting him know the love you have has not, and will not ever, lessen. It is knowing that he will be there for you when you are in the darkest hour of need. It is knowing that you might have to sacrifice the movie you really want to see or the party you might right want to go to just so he knows that you would rather spend your days by his side.
And most importantly it is being open. Without open communication and trust marriage cannot work. He needs to know when you are upset, and when you are happy, how much it means to you, and why. You cannot hold onto those things that bother you and think they will go away, they don't. You also cannot blame him for everything, you are causing at least 50% of the problem (if not more!). He is trying too and you are doing things that bother him too. Trust him, open your heart to him, tell him your fears, joys, hopes, dreams, and wishes. Just sit and talk, or sit in silence and enjoy one another's company. Making him happy is (and should be if it's not) your number one focus, nothing matters more than your marriage. Nothing. Don't forget, he wants to make you happy too.
It's hard work at first, and may be (most likely will be) for the rest of your life. But it is so rewarding. I regret nothing and would do it all over if I had the choice.

Nov 14, 2011


Why is is that Heavenly Father deals you a staggering blow and before you can even barely deal with it he deals you one that keels you over, flat on your back with no breath in your body?
With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Great strength is only won through great trial. Those who lie down under the force of the wind never know it's true strength.
I am not sure I am as strong as He seems to think I am. I am not sure how to deal with this next crushing blow.
But, even as I say that, I know that He wouldn't have let this trial come my way if I couldn't handle it. And I know that He will not desert me as I do. So I will weather these trials the best I can, I only hope I am not too tempest tossed on the other side.

(I found this talk and thought it worth a perusal, especially if you are having a hard time. The Power of Scripture)

Nov 2, 2011

The Wind and her Cries

Listening to the wind literally howl right outside my door this morning made me think about how people used to tell stories to explain nature, well, here's my simple attempt.

"Grandpa! Grandpa! Where are you?" he raced through the old large house desperate to find the wisest man in the whole world.
"I'm here Son. What's wrong?" As the old man stepped out of his bedroom the little boy felt relief sigh through him. All was right with the world when he was in those strong old arms. No one was better at making him feel protected than Grandpa and his parents. The child clung to him for a few minutes before explaining to him about the monster in his bedroom. It kept shrieking words that the boy couldn't understand and frightening him. The wise man followed back through the large house until they reached the room the little child was sleeping in. The wind whipped the trees into a frenzy outside and it's icy fingers searched for a crack in the window.
"That sound you hear is the wind searching for her long lost lover." His grandchild could feel a story forming behind that first sentence so he let Grandpa tuck him back into the large bed next to his favorite stuffed tiger. "Many years ago, back when God had first formed the world, there was a young girl more beautiful than any alive today (except your grandmother, no one is more beautiful than she). Wind was happy and danced every where, seeming lighter than the air we breathe. Then she met a handsome young man whose bright blue eyes melted her heart and made her happier than she'd ever been before, he was gentle and loving always striving to make her happy. The two fell in love from their very first meeting and from then on nothing could separate the two. They were both very happy for years and would have been so forever had young Sun not also been in love with the girl. He was very strong and had a magical power over her. She was drawn to him, but why she knew not. He could be gentle and sweet, but was more often harsh and unforgiving. She knew she loved the first young man more, but when she was around Sun, his power weakened her and eventually when she was in his presence she forgot her first love. Sun did all he could to keep Wind beside him because he knew when he left, she would run away with her true love. One night while Sun was sleeping, her true love came and stole Wind  away, trying to escape before Sun awoke. They almost made it away, but a servant woke him and warned him of the lovers flight. In his wrath Sun tracked them down and dueled the young man. Sun was strong, but the young man had a just cause and he gained the upper hand. About to deal the blow that would free the two lovers, he was turned aside by Wind. She plead for Sun's life and explained how much she loved him. Again under Sun's power Wind forgot her love and her heartlessness broke the young man's heart. With no reason to stay, the young man left. Wind never saw him again and she searches for him still. In the summer she dances and plays for the Sun, sweet and gentle, doing all he bids her. When clouds cover the Sun and in the winter Wind remembers her true love and races through the world trying to find the one who made her truly happy, wishing to tell him how wrong she was and how much she truly love him and none other.
"Don't be afraid of her cries, she doesn't wish to harm anyone, she is only crying for the one she loves. She tell him that she still loves him and hopes he will come back to her." 
Grandpa's voice faded in the darkness and he and the little boy sat in silence for a moment.
"I hope she finds him. Do you think she will?"
"I don't know Son. I believe in happy endings, I believe she will find her lover someday, but I don't know."
"She'll find him. Good always wins. Goodnight Grandpa, thanks for the story."
"Goodnight my boy. You are welcome. Sleep tight."
"And Grandpa,"
"I'll never forget that I love you, no matter what."
"And I'll never forget how much I love you too. No matter what."