Feb 26, 2011

Easily Bored

I get easily bored with my hair and I always want to do something new with it. Which is why I cut my hair at least 10 times a year. Okay, maybe not 10 times but very very often. Last night I was getting really fidgety so I asked someone in my ward if they would like to cut my hair. Didn't work out. So this morning I thought, "I've seen people cut my hair, I know how to do it." Bad choice, right? Always a disaster, right? I asked Emily if I should and she said, "Go for it." Right. So I got out the scissors, got out the razor and stared at myself in the mirror for a long time. I snipped my bangs and Tried forever to cut the side. Cut a little of the side.
Then my roommate Bridget emerged and asked if I would like help. I readily agreed, showed her what I wanted, found out she'd never cut hair, sat patiently while she worked on my hair.

Here's a before pic.

Here's the after.

Pretty amazing right? Right! So glad Bridget came out and offered to help! Also, it looks so much cuter in person. I will be happy to show you it any. Just ask. :)

Feb 15, 2011

New Favorite

So, partway through the end of my class a headache decides to rear its ugly head. Then during work it gets worse and worse until I am forced to leave because I am having trouble even thinking. Luckily for me I had to get some food items for dinner group and I picked up a bag of on sale valentine candy. Chocolate. I had a few pieces and wham-O! Bye-bye headache. New favorite medicine? Chocolate.

Feb 13, 2011


Day of love, laughter, and stealing juice from the neighboring party.

So my ward had an awesome Valentine's partly last night that was filled with frosting cookies, making valentines, decorating bags, and picture booths. The weather was nice so I decided to forgo wearing a jacket and putting on real shoes. Instead I wore my mismatching Pirates of the Carribean socks and two different colored flip-flops. Needless to say I was not the height of fashion, though I did wear my "LOVE" shirt! Yay!

My bag died a little. The first one I made had m&ms glued on it but they melted all over the bag, some sort of chemical reaction from the candy coating and the sparkly glue. So I tossed it and made a cuter one with pretty paper on it.

Here's the cookie I decorated. Isn't it lovely? Yes I know, thank you.

I didn't win the cookie decorating contest but the cookies that did are very cute. Congrats girls! There was a neighboring dance party that was pumping their music and Emily and I couldn't help but dance it up a couple times. The photo booth was fantastic though, Emily and I are pro at taking awesome pictures. Don't believe me? Check it out here. Here are just a few of the really cool people at the party. Can you spot Mark in the background?

There were some very adorable drawing on the board so of course I had to add to them.

At last the party drew to a close and Em and I found ourselves very thirsty and the juices from next door calling out to us. We had a ton of cupcakes left over from our party that she had made so we devised a plan to trade the cupcakes for juice. Not so sneakily we placed the cupcakes on the table and snatched a half drunken bottle of cranberry juice. We made an immediate dash for the door and heard a man call out behind us.

"HEY!" After my heart skipping a few beats and collapsing into a fit of giddy giggles with Em we found out it was only Devin, a boy from our ward. We swiped some cups from the Cougareat each (Emily, Mark, Devin, and I) drank some of the juice, were reminded that cranberry juice is bitter and carried the rest of the bottle home with us. Who puts cranberry juice out at a dance? No wonder it was only half empty while all the other juices were gone.

Upon reaching home Emily and I decided to ditch the bottle. Bridget was home from her date so she came with us. We left the 1/4 full bottle on a doorstep, knocked and scattered. No one answered even though the blinds were open and we could clearly see the boy sitting on the couch through the open blinds. So I ran down and knocked again, pounded really, and dashed back upstairs. The boy came to the door and stared at the bottle of Cranberry juice (which I should add, didn't have a lid because we were in too much of a hurry to search the table for it's lid) for at least a full minute. Then he took it inside with him.

Good times, good times.

Feb 10, 2011

Crabby Patties... Anyone?

Funny how after my last post I just had a miscommunication, one that made no sense to me. Only this one made me upset and I got offended to boot! I hate days like this where I can't take any kind of criticism or rudeness without wanting to bite someone's head off. It is not the natural me, but I guess that is just what happens when you feel low in spirits. Everyone has those days, everyone. I'm allowed to as well. Silly though, I always feel guilty later. Bleeeehhhhhhhhh.
But seriously, who says they would like a ride down to Vegas with a complete stranger and expects them to find room and board for them? I just wanted a ride to Vegas so I could go home. I do NOT need you to find me a hotel. Seriously?

Didn't help my day, nor did that stupid work computer acting all uppity in my face. I really like technology that does exactly what I tell it to and no more. NO MORE!!!!! I don't like the technology that decides to be a brat. Speaking of which... Anyway.

On a happy note... Mark made a really delicious and filling dinner for dinner group. Thank you dinner group for being a bright light at the end of my day. And Bryan, always being a bright light in my life.

Feb 6, 2011

Communication, communication is key. The only way to not... is to not... Hmm? Yes...

Hopefully you understood my reference, if not then I will simply tell you to avoid confusion and promote communication... She's the Man! Yes, I did change a word, but I feel like it totally works.
Communication is so important. So important. Especially with those you are closest to. It is so easy to let a misunderstanding drive you crazy and further away from them. Speak up! Let your thoughts be known, explain why you feel the way you do. Perhaps you will find that what they said and what they meant don't actually meet up with what you think they meant. No person is the same, and the greatest mistake we can make is to unjustly misunderstand another.
Find out what the person you are talking to is really saying, ask them why they think that way, find out what they really mean. It will draw you so much closer. Understanding is what creates closeness in relationships. Misunderstanding is what creates wedges and discontent. Often the person does not mean offense in what they are saying.
And remember, "Communication, communication is key... The only way to not... is to... not."