Feb 25, 2010

Blah De Blah De Blah

I have a cooking class. Food preparation in the Home. I'm not bein funny. My professor thinks all of her students are morons. I'm not being funny. She rambles on for thirty minutes at the beginning of the 3 hour lab and then blames the students when they haven't prepared their food on time.
However, the food for the labs is exquisite!!!! I love sampling all the food in the class. Tonight the best recipe was a fish recipe and it was Fan-freaking-tastic! I loved it!
One thing I really can't stand it when people ramble forever or tell me to do something. Most of the time I don't mind helping people out when they ask me. But if I'm told to do something in a condescending tone, or to not do something my immediate impulse to do the exact opposite of their wish. For instance. Person : "Tegan, DON'T jump off the balcony." Even though I had no intention of jumping off the balcony in the first place my impulse is to just leap. Or whining. I hate whining. Don't you ever whine to me or I will hurt you. I'm not being funny.
Wow, maybe I shouldn't post this particular post... Nah, I think I will.
Don't worry, I am in a happy mood. :) :) See.

Feb 22, 2010

Imagination is...

Imagination is a gift I have in abundance. Seriously. Not a day goes by that I don't think up a crazy story and tell myself that if I ever got it down paper I'd be rich and famous. Two not so bad things. It helps get me through the day and the boring lectures that I should be listening to so I can get a good grade. Eh, who needs good grades?
Imagination is also a distraction. My mind is constantly moving, thinking and barging forward. In conversations I sometimes feel bad because all of a sudden an idea pops in my head and I blurt it out in the middle of someone else's sentence. Sorry someone else. But I know if I don't say it out loud right then I will lose it. :)[ <-- that is a smiley face shrugging its shoulders.
Imagination is a great comfort. When I'm blue or alone or upset all I need is my imagination to pull me out of it. And hugs. Everyone needs hugs. Just ask Ali <--here. But when I don't have hugs I have an imagination that takes me away from the world pressing in on me and helps me soar.
Imagination is my favorite gift. Thanks Heavenly Father.

Feb 20, 2010

Carpe Stage

So, I just got back from trying out for a play. Let me tell you, I'm really excited about it and I hope I get the part. Let me explain a bit, when you try for a play the director gives you parts of the scritp to read from. In this particular play there were many french accents, an american accent, and one german accent. I was going to do the American because I'm not famous for my accents. But something made me choose the French and I discovered I was not that bad at it. I'm not entirely sure but I think the direct thought I was okay too because he had me go out and read another part with a French accent. Fingers crossed that I was Frenchy enough.
If you like melodic piano music and looking back at your life click HERE.It is amazing and it touched my soul. Figuratively speaking of course. :) I hope you like it.

Feb 16, 2010

Peace, Home, and Comfort

Do you ever have those times when you are unsure and you just need to get away from the chaos and fast paced rhythm? Izzy and I traveled down to Arizona this weekend to get away from it. We left ridiculously early Friday morning. Both of us were pretty wired when we weren't sleeping and when we stopped in Nevada it was like the sun had zapped us with energy. We were alive for that moment in time. I felt so alive until 3 in the afternoon. This is when I passed out for three hours on the bed in my home. It's always nice to be in a home.
That night my mother, two younger brothers and I went to Mr. Jennings' production of MidSummer Night's Dream, which, by the way, was absolutely amazing! Kevin Grenda, Spencer Vandevier, Josh Shupe, and Anna Jennings played my favorite parts with astounding skill and gusto. Kevin played Demetri and he was GOOD. I was shocked at how well he acted. Spencer played Nick Bottom (perhaps my favorite character). He was hilarious! He has come a long way from two years ago. Josh was Flute and he had the whole audience in the palm of his hand roaring at his antics when he was on stage . Anna was just play amazing at playing Helena, props Anna, props!
On the drive home my youngest brother Alec said that he liked the whole play except for the satire. Mom and I were so confused. We asked all kinds of questions to figure out what he was talking about. Finally it hit me. "OH! You mean the satyr!" "Yeah the satyr (pronouncing it satire)!" Don't you just love Family?
Who needs a Valentine when you have Family? We made dinner and cookies together and played games. Everyone laughed and teased and joked. Honestly, What more do you need?
Thanks guys. You are the best! I am so glad I could go home over the Holiday of love to rediscover how much I love my Family.

Feb 8, 2010

Shotgunning Yo. Because it's sexy.

Saturday was perhaps the best day ever! Katherine, my room roommate, and I went shooting with Jared and Joe, boys from our ward, Mike, Joe's friend, Jacob and Eric, Mike's mission companions, Jameson + wife and Adam + wife, Eric's friends. I think I have that right. It gets a little fuzzy after Joe's friend Mike. Anywho, it was an amazing day. All kinds of things happened to make it a great day.
When we got to the shooting hill, I guess it's a range but I'm not entirely sure, it's a hill that lotsa people shoot on. The ground is littered with ammo shells and blasted skeets. In places it almost seems as though Utah not only has red dirt, but bright orange dirt as well.
Right, when we got to the hill and pulled out the tv and guns we realized that someone got the wrong ammo for the guns. This person bought 20 gauge instead of 12 gauge. Oops, but entertaining none the less. We had 2 shells and they let me blast the tv on the left to smithereens. So cool! Jared said that we should have brought out a generator and had the tv going when I shot it. that would have been awesome!

Me + TV+shell
Luckily Mike's miss companions were coming with a 20 gauge and plenty of 12 gauge ammo. The day was saved and made more entertaining. These are the guys Katherine and I rode up with trying to figure how to set up the skeet shooter. Priceless, they even consulted the instructions. It was just to kill time and even more luckily Eric had the hand throwers.
Boys from left to right.
Jacob + Jared +Mike+Joe+instructions

While the boys were trying to figure out the contraption, we took lovely photos. :) Because it's sexy. (Jared asked what the flaps on my jacket were for and I started responding, "Because it's se....." when I realized who I was saying this too. Joe asked me what I said and I repeated the entire phrase and after much teasing I joked that it was my reply to everything. "Tegan what are you doing?" "Because it's sexy.") And so are we.


Katherine and the boys blasting skeets from the sky. Jared became a pro skeet thrower I might add. I had to try twice, the first time it stuck, the second time it flew. Only to be dashed to pieces by proshooters. I count my roommate and myself in that too.


Awww, precious. Katherine and me taking pictures of us shooting. The gun in my hands is a good luck gun. I hit five of the seven skeets with it. Also it was the first gun I fired that day.

This my friends, is me with an assault rifle. Yes I did actually shoot it. Eric also had an AK-47 so basically, I'm a terrorist. But not really. I didn't hit anything with either gun. I'll just stick to my 20 gauge shotguns. Because it's sexy.

Eric's truck can basically do anything. He wanted to go off roading and we said, why not? Mike's truck wishes it could do everything Eric's truck can do. This is Eric's truck pulling Mike's truck out of the deep snow. Oops :) Don't worry Mike, at least you have a truck and not a car. That would have been really messy. We went to the tip of the mountain and over looked the lake. It was absolutely angelic. God truly is a remarkable artist.

This is Mike's truck getting stuck... again. Only this time on a rock. We tried to use the same rope as before but... it tore, three times. So we turned to more conventional methods. Men. All seven of the males on the trip picked up the truck and walked it over the rock. I was in the cab steering. I feel like I did all the work.


This man holds a world record in weightlifting. He at one time could bench 500+ lbs. Yeah, impressive.


After a long day of shooting and off road romping we stopped at McD's and took them up on their offer of 50 chicken nuggets for 10 smackaroos. A most satisfying day indeed. Because it's sexy.

Feb 2, 2010


Tartuffe is an amazing play and BYU's adaptation had me reeling. I loved it! It was the best play I've ever seen. Ali and I went to see it on Saturday, if you can, go see it. It is quite the experience! It was almost like a Tim Burton take on Tartuffe.
That night the Elders Quorum held a Relief Society Appreciation Dinner. They encouraged us to dress up as if we were going to prom. When we got there we waited in life for one of the men to escort us to our tables where we were put in every other chair. Candles floated in flower shaped bowls at each table and they had made paper roses as decorations. They did a wonderful job for the whole thing. Here is a picture of all of the girls who went.

I know, I know they are absolutely gorgeous. :)
After the dinner Katherine and I headed over to a friend's apartment to play games and we had a blast. We played ninja, best game ever! I hope to be a champion some day.
Erin asked me to go with her to a friend's house and I learned how to play pool, a game I previously played horribly. True story, I was there. I actually made a couple cool shots. Yeah! It was awesome!
Monday night our ward had a Nerd Fest. Here are all the nerds in their glory. Way awesome night.
a small picture but we all look awesomely nerdy. Sometimes it's great to let loose and be a little nerdy.