Apr 17, 2011

Four Months

Four months to the day I've been dating my best friend. A complete goof ball with awesome knowledge about how to show a girl a good time. And how to complete drive her crazy. Four months of sharing secrets and jokes and time. Four of the happiest months of my life where I finally let someone in to share my life and myself. Where I finally felt like I was home. Four months of laughter and tears, stress and weightlessness. Four months of learning more about myself than I ever have before, and about everyone else around me. Four months of kissing, cuddling, holding hands, and sharing in each other's presence. Granted we only saw each other 5 times out the of the four months, but it was a lot more than I'd ever done before. And it has been a glorious four months.

Apr 14, 2011

If Stressed

Is desserts spelled backward, why doesn't it taste good? I remember hearing a quote once about stress, "I tried yoga, but I found stress less boring."
I've been dealing with a great deal of stress lately. It seemed like every day brought more stress to rain down on me and laugh at me. Rude. But, yesterday and today have taken a turn for the better. Yesterday my professor decided to give us a pop quiz final, and not make us come in for the scheduled one. So nice, especially because it was one of the finals that caused me a great deal of grief. Whew. And today? you ask... I finished my take home final which was analyzing a play (110 pages) full, detailed analysis. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Destress.... it's good for you

Apr 3, 2011

What a Blessing

To listen to the words of the Lord every six months. To be filled with the wisdom and knowledge from above. To have eternal truth shared with us and taught to us. To know that our Lord loves us because He chooses to share this with us. To be surrounded by friends and family and share the spirit that undeniably exists when those prophetic men and women speak. To tangibly feel their love and concern for us. To know they do pray about us and want the best for us. To be touched when the subject they speak on hits upon the exact circumstances in your and my life. To know that your prayers have been answered and the Lord is very, very mindful of you..
What a blessing.

This General Conference I had the opportunity to actually be in the Conference center for the first time in my life. It was an experience that I reveled in and greatly enjoyed. The best part was, I was only eleven rows away from the prophet, and some odd feet because I was off to the far left. They were so close and so real. It was a beautiful blessing to be so near the prophet of the Lord and to feel of his presence.

Onto the funny stories. Heh heh heh. Katherine and I found parking and proceeded to walk toward the Conference Center when we were approached by a man and asked "Do you have any extra tickets?" This in itself is not funny. I just so happened to noticed his hair... He was balding and had the monk ring around his head with a balding top AND a tuft of hair right smack in the center of his forehead. When he turned and jogged toward the person in front of us, almost running into the trees on the side of the road, I burst into laughter because even better than his hairstyle was that the tuft of hair stood straight up when he ran. I dub thee Quail Man. Yes, I know I'm a terrible person, I simply could not contain my laughter.

Then I got felt up by a missionary. Not really. His hand just so happened to swing right into the path of my thigh as we were weaving through people trying to find the right doors. Me, being my dramatic self gasped aloud. Katherine just started cracking up.

Katherine and I are slightly bizarre under any circumstance and down right ridiculous under and circumstance when we are together. I apologized to the man in front of us.

"We aren't usually like this." Then I stared at him until he realized I was talking to him.

"Why? You should be like this all the time."

"If we were honest, we'd admit we are like this all the time." Katherine interjected.

"But only in public." I clarified.

"Absolutely! Share it with others!" The large man told us. Yeah, he's cool.

ON the way home I was conversing with Katherine when something moved on her seat. Here was my reaction to that thing I was very certain was a bug with far too many legs.

"Yeah, so they were like, AAAAAAHHH! Oh, just kidding." The bug turned out to be a piece of lint with hairs attached to it. No cause for alarm. But it could have killed me if it hadn't been a piece of lint.