Mar 17, 2012

Radio Star

My youngest brother is ... how do I put it lightly ... AMAZING! He is incredibly talented and he just puts his head down and does what he wants. The latest amazing talent? Poetry reading, that's right, poetry reading and when he starts the whole audience is captivated by his voice. Don't believe me? Oh well, Believe you me! He has the deepest, richest bass voice I have ever heard, and it is even more awe-inspiring considering it comes from a 17 year old! He's been told several times he could be a radio announcer. It's soooo true!
I had to get a picture with him before he went on stage to win the hearts of the audience and judges for regional competition.

All the competitors for regionals and a highly talented group of you adults. The third from the left, the girl behind the announcer and the girl on the far end were the only ones to move on to the state competition. But, we heard from one judge that Alec was her favorite and he should have been the one going to state... The rules are a little bit more than powerful stage presence though, one slip up could cost you the title.

All the family, teachers, and friends who drove two hours just to hear my little brother recite poetry. And yes, he was awesome and better than one girl (who will remain unidentified) that moved on. But hey, sometimes failure is good. We have to learn we can't win all the time... Right? Next year bud, you'll be a national champ next year.