May 15, 2016

Day 7

Yes, I am still going, even if I didn't post every day. It has been quite the learning and even rejuvenating experience.

I have more energy, I'm less tired, I have less intestinal problems. It's beautiful!!! Who knew that your body would work better on better food. Ok, lots of people. Too bad I'm an experience-it-for-yourself kind of person.

I did have sugar on my 3rd day. 3 rolos and a handful of skittles. It was an interesting and unpleasant experience afterward. I got a headache and was dizzy for a few hours afterward, not to mention the guilt. That was interesting. I didn't have sugar for the rest of the week. Until yesterday when the sugar as actually agave. It was so surprisingly sweet! It was so sweet that I did not want any more.

I have not had processed food. And the longer it was, the less I wanted it.
I'm thinking this will absolutely be a lifestyle change for me. I'm really enjoying this food plan. But what I'm really enjoying is not being listless and exhausted all the time. It was a really downer.

I intend to finish my 10 day detox and then let small amounts of processed food back into my life. I don't think it's wise or helpful to eliminate it completely. But this has been about overcoming my addiction to food. I've done that and I want to continue practicing self-control. So I'll add back processed foods, not by buying them, but by allowing myself them in social situations.

Here are my measurements for the days.

Day 2
W: 35
H: 38 1/4
T: 23 3/4

Day 3
W: 35 3/4
H: 38
T: 23 1/2

Day 4
W: 36
H: 37 1/2
T: 22 3/4

Day 5
W: 29 3/4 (I realized this day that I wasn't measuring my  natural waist previously)
H: 36 1/2
T: 23 1/4

Day 6
W: 30
H: 36 1/2
T: 23 1/2

Day 7
W: 29
H: 36 1/4
T: 23 3/4

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